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Legislative & Advocacy

Learn about our legislative priorities and other supported issues and find out more ways to get involved.
Our advocacy work is directed by our member-approved resolutions , principles, and legislative platform.
Learn about Advocacy and PTA

If you are in the PPC area, here are your district representatives.


Legislative District

2 - Senator Randi Becker

2 - Representatives Andrew Barkis & J.T. Wilcox


25 - Senator Hans Zeiger

25 - Representatives Kelly Chambers & Chris Gildon


31 - Senator Phil Fotunado

31 - Representatives Drew Stokesbary & Morgan Irwin

Legislative Assembly

Legislative Assembly takes place in the fall of each year. Please see our calendar for more information! 



Legislative  Events

Focus Day

Focus Day takes place in the winter of each year. Please see our calendar for more information! 

How to submit a

WSPTA Issue 

Any PTA member is encouraged to submit an issue that addresses concerns that affect children on a state-wide level.

Download the Legislative Issue Proposal Form. The 2020 form will be available after the first of the year.


  • Submitter name and contact information, issue title and short description due May 1

  • Completed issue submittal form due June 1

Issue Submitter Requirements:

  • Must be a current Washington State PTA member

  • Submit a completed Legislative Issue Proposal Form by the dates above and include all links/references so the information is verifiable

  • Be available by email and phone to work with the advocacy committee member assigned to review your issue to provide clarification where needed

  • Be available during the advocacy committee meeting to answer questions on the issue

  • In the case where one or more issues submitted are of similar scope, agree to work with others to combine issues

  • All who submit an issue selected to move forward must sign the Issue Team Code of Conduct


The advocacy committee will review the issues and make recommendations to the board of directors at its summer board meeting.  An advocacy committee member will work with you if additional information is required.  Following the board meeting, you will be notified if your issue will be forwarded to the members at legislative assembly.


To make sure your issue is represented well at legislative assembly, you will prepare the following:


One Month Prior To Legislative Assembly:

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation using a template and instructions that will be provided

  • Prepare a 1-page position paper based on the information in this application, if your issue is advanced to the board of directors.

  • Submit any handouts you plan to use to the advocacy committee for approval


WSPTA Legislative Assembly (October 26-27, 2019): 

  • Attend legislative assembly (or send a representative) to present your issue to attendees, gathering supporters for caucusing and debating during the issue debates

  • IMPORTANT! You will need to make sure that you are a 2019-20 PTA member, are registered for Legislative Assembly and designated as a voting delegate by your PTA President, who must submit your name to the WSPTA office. Details on the procedure and deadline for naming voting delegates will be sent to your PTA President during September.

  • Present your issue to the assembly to encourage adoption to the platform

  • Each submission team should prepare a 2-minute opening persuasive statement and have additional talking points to share with other supporting delegates

  • Develop an action plan on how you will work the issue and engage with other supporters prior to and during the legislative session

  • Consider methods you will use to communicate with your issue supporters


During the Legislative Session:

  • Weekly advocacy committee phone calls will address bills and action on the WSPTA issues and long-term positions; you will be invited to participate in these calls

  • As needed, help prepare testimony, testify in Olympia and recruit other potential leaders to move your issue through the legislative process

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