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PTA is a member driven association  and members are the heart of the association.  Puyallup PTA Council has seen so many creative ways that PTAs are thinking outside of the box hosting events, during this pandemic time.  Now more than ever, it's the best time to support each other. Anyone can become a member of a PTA and/or you can join multiple PTAs. Your membership means voice, vote, and support! 
Share your Membership ideas with us so we can share with other local PTAs! How is your PTA reconnecting with your school families and school staff? One of Council's goals is to reconnect with our local PTAs even more during this pandemic and provided the necessary support. 
Chhunla McKeever
Puyallup PTA Council President, 2021-22


100% Staff Membership Award Application due 3/15/22

Why Join PTA?​

When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.


PTA provides a voice for the whole child. It's a way to make change happen. Think about this, if you were to go to your school's principal or district about a concern that wasn't at the peek of their concerns, do you think you could get as much attention brought to your concern vs. a few hundred? By becoming a member, you get a voice with the largest child-advocacy nonprofit organization. Together you can work to accomplish more and create change. 


A WSPTA membership card is valuable!

Washington State PTA members can save money through member benefit providers. Member benefits are offered to all WSPTA members. Be sure to have your electronic member card available when taking advantage of benefits and discounts.

Benefits also include advocacy, scholarships, programs, volunteer support, services to local PTAs and councils, and training for PTA leaders.

With a long and rich history of doing the right thing for children and families, today’s PTA is still the premier child advocacy association.



Did you know that any
living person can join any PTA?
Our PTAs welcome members year-round!

Join a Puyallup PTA Today!
100% Staff Membership Award App
Achieving 100% Staff Info
Be sure to renew your PTA membership every year.
Your membership makes a difference!

Member  Benefits

Local PTAs can add their own benefits! Try offering free popcorn at movie nights, reserved seating at events, etc.! Please share your benefit ideas with us!

For Membership Chairs: 

Still have questions about Memberplanet? call them at 888-298-8845
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