Value of PTA​

With more than 133,000 members, Washington State PTA is the largest volunteer association dedicated to the education, health, welfare, and safety of all children in Washington state.


When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.

A WSPTA membership card is valuable!

Washington State PTA members can save money through member benefit providers. WSPTA collaborates with businesses and associations that support WSPTA’s mission and vision. As part of that relationship, these organizations offer members special discounts.

Member benefits are offered to all WSPTA members. Be sure to have your electronic member card available when taking advantage of benefits and discounts.

Benefits also include advocacy, scholarships, programs, volunteer support, services to local PTAs and councils, and training for PTA leaders.

With a long and rich history of doing the right thing for children and families, today’s PTA is still the premier child advocacy association.

Did you know that any
living person can join any PTA?
 Our PTAs welcome members year-round!

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Be sure to renew your PTA membership every year.
Your membership makes a difference!

Elementary Schools

Brouillet PTA 5.7.2

Emma L. Carson PTA 5.7.3

Edgerton PTA 5.7.4 | FB

Firgrove PTA 5.7.5

Fruitland PTA 5.7.10

Hunt PTA 5.7.17 | FB

Karshner PTA 5.7.20

Maplewood PTA 5.7.25 | FB

Meeker PTA 5.7.30

Mountain View PTA 5.7.35

Northwood PTA 5.7.40 | FB

Pope PTA 5.7.42 | FB

Ridgecrest PTA 5.7.44 | FB

Shaw Road PTA 5.7.48

Spinning PTA 5.7.50 | FB

J.P. Stewart PTA 5.7.55 | FB

Sunrise PTA 5.7.60 | FB

Wildwood PTA 5.7.70 | FB

Edward Zeiger PTA 5.7.79 | FB

Junior High Schools

Ballou Jr. PTSA 5.7.85

Ferrucci Jr. PTSA 5.7.92

Glacier View Jr. PTSA 5.7.100 | FB

Kalles Jr. PTSA 5.7.95