Puyallup PTA's Membership goal for the 2019-2020 school year is to Increase Membership by 4% and to Educate local PTA's to diversify membership within their school.

Why Join PTA?​

When you join PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.


PTA provides a voice for the whole child. It's a way to make change happen. Think about this, if you were to go to your school's principal or district about a concern that wasn't at the peek of their concerns, do you think you could get as much attention brought to your concern vs. a few hundred? By becoming a member, you get a voice with the largest child-advocacy nonprofit organization. Together you can work to accomplish more and create change. 


A WSPTA membership card is valuable!

Washington State PTA members can save money through member benefit providers. Member benefits are offered to all WSPTA members. Be sure to have your electronic member card available when taking advantage of benefits and discounts.

Benefits also include advocacy, scholarships, programs, volunteer support, services to local PTAs and councils, and training for PTA leaders.

With a long and rich history of doing the right thing for children and families, today’s PTA is still the premier child advocacy association.



Did you know that any
living person can join any PTA?
 Our PTAs welcome members year-round!

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Be sure to renew your PTA membership every year.
Your membership makes a difference!

Local PTA Totals

We want to help you succeed in your PTA Membership goals. Here are current membership numbers for all local PTA's and information on how far your PTA is from reaching a membership goal. Let us know how we can help!
Congratulations to to the following PTA's for reaching Platinum!

     Hunt PTA

     Sunrise PTA

     Kalles Jr. High PTSA
Congratulations to Brouillet PTA for reaching gold, and Ferrucci PTSA for reaching bronze! 

Ballou Jr PTSA                                               119

Needs 9 more to Bronze

Brouillet PTA                                                  122

Needs 3 more to Platinum 

Carson PTA                                                    194

Needs 16 more to Bronze

Dessie Evans PTA                                          248

Congrats on your first year!

Edgerton PTA                                               210

Needs 45 to Bronze

Edward Zeiger PTA                                        58

Needs 107 to Bronze

Ferrucci Jr PTSA                                           109

Needs 1 more to Silver

Firgrove PTA                                                   95

Needs 55 to Bronze

Fruitland PTA                                                 231

Needs 13 more to Bronze

Glacier View Jr PTSA                                      86

Needs 38 more to Bronze

Hunt PTA                                                        170


J.P. Stewart PTA                                               46

Needs 12 more to Bronze

Kalles Jr. High PTSA                                      194

Platinum!! Congratulations!

Karshner PTA                                                   87

Needs 4 more to Bronze

Maplewood PTA                                           349

Needs 125 more to Bronze 

Meeker PTA                                                      7

Needs 218 more to Bronze

Mountain View PTA                                      130

Needs 66 more to Bronze

Northwood PTA                                            154

Needs 6 more to Bronze

Pope PTA                                                      160

Needs 84 more to Bronze


Ridgecrest PTA                                             222

Needs 35 more to Bronze

Shaw Road PTA                                            156

Needs 84 more to Bronze

Spinning PTA                                                  27

Needs 110 more to Bronze

Sunrise PTA                                                  148

Platinum!! Congratulations!

Wildwood Park PTA                                       58

Needs 44 more to Bronze

updated 1/24/2020


Local PTAs can add their own benefits! Try offering free popcorn at movie nights, reserved seating at events, etc.! Please share your benefit ideas with us!

Member  Benefits

For Membership Chairs: 

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